Contribution to the Systemic Modeling of Technical and Organizational Resilience of a Territory to Natech Risk: from microscopic to macroscopic

Chemical accidents triggered by natural hazards (known as Natechs) are relatively rare. In fact they represent between 2 – 7 % of all chemical accidents reported in databases such as ARIA, MARS, FACTS, MHIDAS, NRC (Sengul et al., 2012; Rasmussen, 1995). Nonetheless, several studies indicate that Natech accidents are (Stacy Young et al., 2004; Sengul et al. 2012). Growing urban populations and industrialization in areas subject to natural hazards, coupled with environmental change due to climate change and other factors will contribute to an increase in the number of Natech accidents in the years to come (Ana Maria Cruz et al., 2004). Read More →